Non-Surgical Gum Therapy

Gum disease progresses quite gradually. Many patients may not even recognize any symptons! If overlooked, gum disease can develop into much graver issues, such as the loss of a tooth. Gum disease can occur even to patients who are floss and brush regularly, which is a superb reason to routinely attend to dental check-ups.

Gum Disease Treatments

Should your dentist identify the existence of gum disease, Dr. Martin Sterling & Associates will collaborate with you to establish a suitable course of treatment. Dependent on the inflictions' degree of severity, more advanced procedures, aimed at repairing the tooth underneath the gum line may become necessary. For instance, if there is a considerable accumulation of bacteria or plaque buildup beneath the gum line, Dr. Martin Sterling & Associates may recommend specialized medications' application to the infected location, or additional treatments like curettage or root-planing.

Curettage treatment entails the removal of soft tissue from around the tooth. By extracting the infected tissue, we are eliminating the roots of chronic infection at its source and permitting for healing to take place.

Root-planing is an intensive gum disease treatment that aims to remove and smoothe minuscule portions of the tooth’s root surface. Upon the completion of this treatment patients reap the perks of a hygienic, bacteria-free exterior that encourages healing of the surrounding soft tissue.

Curettage and root-planning are often carried-through synchronously by our skilled hygienists. Local anesthesia is often suggested as a way to reduce patient's discomfort. Once the treatment is finished, our dental hygienists will demonstrate the proper maintainance techniques you can use at home in order to maintain the oral improvements, fabricated during your recent treatment. Over your next several appointments, Dr. Martin Sterling & Associates will gauge the current status of gum disease before collaborating with you in order to establish if more intensive treatments are required.

If your gum disease has advanced to a point that it is affecting your oral health below the gum line, our dental practitioners may urge you to a consult with a periodontist (gum disease-related) for surgery. For aggressive cases of gum disease, surgery may prove to provide the optimal prognosis, allowing for the gum and bone to fully heal. 

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