When dentists refer to extractions, they tend to be in relation to impacted wisdom teeth, which usually cause discomfort, inflammation and even infection and decay, in some cases. Impacted wisdom teeth are called so as they grow by squeezing into the mouth and pushing against other teeth. In cases like this—or in even more extreme cases, cysts can develop around the wisdom teeth and impede on the jaw bone's health— extraction will be the only effective option.

When it comes to your regular, permanent teeth,  a tooth extraction only recommended by Dr. Martin Sterling & Associates only after exhausting all possible alternatives, including root canal therapy.  If the tooth has been traumatized, is decaying, or there is excessive bone loss around the tooth from periodontal disease, only then will the dentists at our practice seriously consider removing  the tooth in order to preserve the health of its surrounding teeth, as well as your entire mouth.

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